Since put into use in 2005, huaxin heavy industry website has been used for more than 7 years. At present, page design, function setting, etc have already can't satisfy the needs of changing. Through the cooperation with professional design company, the company website upgrade work will be completed and the new website is about to be put into use after many communication and coordination. Information is more comprehensive, more detailed, more convenient communication. Moreover, online ordering system is more perfect. Hope to bring new surprises and good experiences for the vast new and old customers.

Guided by the spirit of the eighteenth congress of Chinese Communist Party, Push all of the work to be carried out smoothly. Recently, the eighteenth congress of Chinese Communist Party was hold successfully. Huaxin heavy industry actively responds to the eighteenth big spirit, carries out rich and colorful production innovation activities to implement the eighteenth big spirit to the specific work. Under the encouraging of the eighteenth big spirit, strive to make persistent efforts to push Huaxin company's each work to go smoothly and to create a new success.