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Huaxin heavy industry takes the market as the guidance, strives for the survival by the quality improvement, which is based on scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the product system, and constantly improve the sales team and network. At present, in addition to our headquarters sales center, has formed a components in east China, south China, central China and overseas offices, initially formed the Middle East as the center of gravity, radiation throughout the country, involved in overseas' sales and service network system, which laid a solid foundation for the company to further expand the market.
Chongqing port co., LTD
Yichang port group co., LTD
China Gezhouba group mechanical shipping co., LTD
China Yangtze river shipping group red light port factory
Chenglingji port group co., LTD
Wuhan port group Hanyang branch
Wuhan port machinery heavy industry co., LTD
Shanghai port group Jiujiang port co., LTD
Jiangxi PingGang industrial co., LTD. Jiujiang branch
Jiangxi copper co., LTD
Anqing yuanhang holdings co., LTD
Anhui conch group co., LTD
Chizhou yuanhang holdings co., LTD
Tongling port group co., LTD
Huangshi port group co., LTD
Hubei new metallurgical steel co., LTD
Wuhu yu xikou port co., LTD
Ma Anshan port group co., LTD
Nanjing port group co., LTD
Shanghai meishan iron and steel co., LTD
Nanjing port machinery factory
Zhenjiang port group co., LTD
Changzhou port group co., LTD
Zhenjiang jianbi power plant
Changzhou Lu anzhou Yangtze river dock co., LTD
Jiangyin special steel co., LTD
Jiangsu shagang group co., LTD
Yangzhou international terminal co., LTD
Taizhou port group co., LTD
Yangzhou longhe shipbuilding co., LTD
Taicang international container terminal co., LTD
Taicang ten thousand international terminal co., LTD
Shanghai lifting transportation machinery co., LTD
Ningbo port co., LTD
Hangzhou huaxin electromechanical engineering co., LTD
Port of Zhoushan laotang mountain transfer storage and transportation co., LTD
Shenzhen chiwan ports co., LTD
Tianjin iron Factory
Benxi iron and steel (group) crane manufacturing co., LTD
Lianyungang east grain wharf co., LTD
Guangxi beihai port co., LTD