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To lead the direction of development of the industry, to create the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Experienced a higher degree of cultural elite management team; skilled, dedication, stable staff of the workforce; adhere to the principle, abide by the standards of quality control personnel; serious and responsible, responsive, hard-working sales service personnel for ChinaXin Heavy Industries to sustained and healthy development has laid a solid foundation.
The company has strong technical force, to grab design has more than 10 years of experience, mature manufacturing process, improve the detection means, a state-of-the-art R & D design software, research funding each year account for more than 5% of the sales revenue. Shanghai Maritime University, Anhui University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning has been to maintain close cooperation, hire grab Maritime University experts, professors do long-term technical consultants, to provide a strong technical support and security for the company's new product development.
The company is equipped with large-scale digital floor milling machine, CNC lathe, cylindrical grinder, EDM wire cutting, heat treatment, quenching and tempering furnace, industrial intermediate frequency quenching machine, CNC plasma flame cutting machines, underwater cutting, large double girder crane driving,welding positioner, plate roll bending machine technology and equipment, so as to improve the quality and performance of products manufacturing provides a strong guarantee.
The company's technology and research and development center draws extensively and absorption of foreign high-quality grab the production processes and technologies, combined with the actual production of the Company to continue to refine and improve the structure and performance of all kinds of grab, forming a unique production process and design technology,the company produces all kinds of grab has a reasonable structure, superior performance, easy maintenance, long life and other advantages.
Company management in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, the development of various operating processes and process instructions and strict management and control. Actively promote the establishment of "6S" management system, and the establishment of the "6S" inspection team, and effectively improve the quality of the full, creating a clean and tidy environment, the atmosphere and harmonious working environment.
The company has established a sound service system, to create a "Knight" service brand, quantitative service requirements, to create a service file, regular or occasional service personnel, professional and technical training and education on an annual basis. Through a variety of ways to seriously deal with and resolve issues raised by customers, customers reflect a careful analysis and timely feedback to the technology, the production sector, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality.