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Huaxin heavy industry co., LTD., founded in 2001. Since its establishment Huaxin heavy industry adhering to the "Honest, Synergetic and Innovative" corporate purpose builded the industry well-known brand.

In Anqing City huaining, County Business Council incorporated on April the Huaining County Huaxin Machinery Co., Ltd., registered capital of 50 million yuan
The Single Cable iron oxide skin grab put into in November

March 25T food commencement of operation of the closed grab
June 24T dredging grab put into operation

Feb. address by the May Town, huaining County moved to 1.3 square kilometers, Anqing City Development Zone Industrial Park, No. 9
April, the company name changed to Anqing City Huaxin Machinery Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 350 million yuan
April to become a member of the China Association of Ports and Harbors

April developed a wireless data transmission (for weighing grab national patent certificate)
Dec. developed a wireless remote control air open single cable grab (the national patent certificate)

January wireless data transmission measurement of reactive power grab by the national patent certificate
January reactive hydraulic control air open single cable grab won the national patent certificate
March Rope Orange Peel Scrap Grapple production
30T chain open air grab put into operation in July

The April long pole double-jaw grab design "papers published in hoisting and conveying machinery
Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab put into operation in May 16T
Weight 32T coal grab put into operation in September from the large volume
12 straw Grab put into operation

August first 30T electric hydraulic flat-grab into operation
Salvage grab put into operation in October

May smooth upgrade version for ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate

February by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs project
Science and Technology Bureau of the City on June plan project
In October, the company moved to the Anqing City National Economic and Technological Development Zone, the new material industrial park (Luochong Area)
November from the weight of 50T ore bucket cast
December trademarks and trademark registration
December for scientific innovation and advanced unit awards

Quality system certification in January by China Classification Society Quality Assurance Ltd.
March grasping steel hydraulic scrap grab
April 16, the company name was changed the Anqing City Huaxin Industry Co., Ltd., registered capital of 800 million yuan
July wireless remote timber grab put into operation (patent pending)